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Snow Protection Solutions for Calgary Roofs

Snow Protection solutions Calgary roof
Snow Shoe - installation - Calgary Enviroshake
Snow Protection solutions Calgary roof

The winter of 2016-2017 in Calgary Alberta has been a good old fashioned winter!
We've had a significant accumulation of snow on Roofs since early December and now that snow is creating a risk due to warm Chinook winds blowing.
With the warming temperatures we have started to receive calls from homeowners who are concerned about the snowpack on their roof tops. The current weather conditions have created the ideal condition for snow slides also known as a roof Avalanche. The risk of snow slides is usually not a concern on asphalt shingle roofs but more often effects Metal, Composite and Slate roof types. These materials pose a greater risk because they are more conductive to temperature fluctuations, combined with a smooth surface texture create the perfect conditions for slides.

Glenmore Roofing offers simple solutions to address trouble spots without compromising roof function or invalidating material warranty.

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